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Monday, October 11, 2010

The In / Out List

A fun little collection of random CFOT thoughts, I'm not even sure who reads my blog these days. Based on the stats I get, I picture a Latvian Villager and a dude in Annapolis. Anyway, these were running through my head.

Out / In

Jerry teaching lunch bunch. / Jerry in the lunch bunch
MarkyD can't muscle up. / MarkyD loves muscle ups
Blue room boys. / The Diva's
Roasted almonds. / Raw almonds
Keens. / Inov8s
Rest days. / Can't keep away
Quiet Melissa. / Loud Melissa (love it)
Sectionals Prep. / Hopper Prep
FGB is miserable. / Love the misery
Clean shaven. / Random facial hair designs
Lt. Col. Dan. / Col. Dan
Walk in and work out. / Mobility Wod every day
Fish oil. / More fish oil
Hollywood. / That boy good

Just a start - more to come. Post yours in the comments.

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