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Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday - Running Cindy

3 rounds of Cindy
200 m run
AMRAP 30 minutes

I woke up tired and not feeling it for a Saturday morning workout. But a bodyweight workout like this is a good way to wake up and warm the muscles up. Each group of 3 rounds of Cindy and a 200m run was considered 1 round. I had 3 rounds in at about 9:45 and was a few paces behind Dwight, who is a hell of a smooth runner. In contrast, I was powering through the inside work and shuffling on the runs.

In the second and 3rd ten minutes, it took about 5 minutes to complete a round. So I got just over 7 full rounds.

Dwight stayed a little ahead of me. In the earlier class, Harold "The Harold" Doran had about 8 rounds and Freak Show Hill had 10+.

My chest and legs are still sore two days later and my hands a little tender.

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