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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back in the saddle

Back from Vegas. 4 days of lots of fun, drinking, hanging out and gambling. Some great (and great big) steaks, and I admit to a lot of drinking and not much sleep. Not to mention, 4 days of no working out or stretching.

4 days of not working out is a good idea. Except for the lack of sleep and too much grey goose, my head is clear and my body recharged. 4 days of not stretching is a bad idea. I was a month straight of the daily mobility wods, and feeling great. Now I am tight. I should have found the 5 minutes a day - it really makes a difference. Especially after basically 2 hours of sleep + 3 more in a plane seat on Sunday.

So coming back in to Crossfit today was a rude awakening. Luckily it was a strength day - Thrusters x 3 and then x1. The after work was a 2 minute or so interval x5. I did not have it.

For the thrusters, I was really too stiff and immobile to have perfect form. But my muscles were recovered and I was feeling stubborn. Got 155 x3 and then 206 x1. Both PRs. I failed the first attempt at 206. Melissa gave me some tips and told me that I could do it. Not sure what she based that on, given that I had just missed, and the weight felt really heavy. I took a good 5 and got back after it. I knew that I had to stay real tight on the bottom, that is when I lose it. If I get back up to a standing position, I can get it over head. And that is what happened. The speed was not there, but it was enough. A small bounce off the shoulders was the window I needed. Just pressed and kept it going. PR!

Video of the lift here. (link coming soon)

Thanks coach.

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