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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CrossFit SF - Update

My travels bring me to san Francisco and I am going to stop in for a visit to CF. Even more than that, I made an appointment for chiro guru and CF SF coach and owner Kelly Starrett to take a look at my shoulder. I am very interested in hitting a WOD and being looked at. btw - CFSF was the 5th CF affiliate. Kelly mentioned that when he started, they had yet to start doing kipping pullups, and did Cindy with dead hangs for his first ever WOD.

So recall on Monday that CFOT WOD was super-heavy squat cleans. Tuesday, at 4:15 am I left my house - stopped by to say hi to Jerry since he is the only human I know awake that early - drove to Dulles and then flew cross county. With little sleep, a 5-hour flight, and one day removed from super heavy squat cleans I was dragging. Then, Kelly announced the WOD - heavy back squats. Fail!!!

I mustered all the motivation I could, but the power was not there. 225 was my top end. But Coach Kelly was right there and had tips, encouragement and knowledge to share. I wish I had more in me. I really like this place.

Even the set up is very cool. Golden Gate bridge and open park make up the background to the running trail. How cool is that.

I hung around and after our WOD, and watched as the CFSF coaches did the WOD together. What an inspiring thing to see. Diane did 285, and Angel and Kelly battled up to 365 plus the 135 total added force of the dual resistance bands they rigged between the bar and the rack. Squatting that way is a different experience - use a box at the bottom, different force over the range of motion, but it looked intense. At the end of his last rep, coach came over to me and asked me to critique. I was afraid to say anything, but I suggested that his knees were not pushed out. I was pretty careful to say that, but he lit up and said "exactly right" - So here I was, giving Kelly Starrett squat tips.

Above, Kelly was still warming up. This is 225 on the bar, plus the bands add 135# at peak tension. It teaches you to continue to recruit more muscle fibers as the weight is getting heavier throughout the movement. They added another 140# to this - which was insane. You need super explosive power to get back up.

Later he worked over my shoulder and I will not bore you with that. But overall a great day.

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