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Saturday, January 16, 2010

50 weeks of Crossfit Oldtown

It has been almost a year now. I am still as inspired as ever, if not more. The more I learn, the more I do, and especially the more I see others that are better than me - makes me want to work harder everyday. And there is certainly no shortage of that at CFOT.

While I am still pleased with my progress, I am ever more awar
e of and annoyed by my deficiencies - slow running, metcon endurance ability, overhead squat weaknesses, no muscle up, I could go on for a long time. I see others that can go all out and seemingly never stop. I see others that have better technique. I see others that are stronger than me. I want what they have. So year 2 is going to be even more intensity and effort. If you see me slacking, call my ass out.

But then again - I have to give myself a break sometimes. Here is a set of before and after pictures - about 50 weeks apart. Clearly I have made progress despite my self criticisms. Why do I put half naked pictures of myself on my blog you ask? So that others can see what is possible, so I can see what I have accomplished. But more importantly, if I slack, I will know it. Others will know it. So anyway:
About 12 months ago. (187 lbs)
and sweating just playing with kids

Today - (162 lbs)
& inspired to work even harder

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