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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Deadlifts, HSPU and burpees

My blog is falling behind. I'm trying. But of late, I dont have a heck of a lot to say.

I have a long vacation coming up. So things may be quiet here. I plan to bring my bike to the beach and do some long rides. Maybe the 30 miles each way to CF ocean city, MD.

Yesterday was a 20 minute amrap or 3 deadlifts at 275, 5 hspu and 8 burpees. I did 9 rounds and then 1 more dl. I had some time at the end, but really, felt like my form was starting to go, and that to push it was a bad idea. I still believe that heavy deadlifts are not a good mix with a wod for time. But since they had them at the cf games, I guess I am in the minority. Deadlifts are the 1 exercise that scare me. I prefer to make sure I have perfect form so I dont get hurt.

Then the Haynesworth 300. I am an idiot. I marked off 25 Meters instead of 25 yards. And I failed the first run by 1 second.

What's the difference? Who knew, a meter is approx 39 inches and yard only 36. So - 25 meters is actually about 27 yards. Shave off 2 yards, times the 12 sprints, and of course I would have come in 1 second less.

I was actually happy that I passed on the second attempt even at the wrong distance. So I must be more fit that Fat Albert Haynesworth.

I will retake today just to see.

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