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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get loose

As an older Crossfitter, I suffer aches, pains and limited range of motion. ANd although I try to keep up with the 20 year olds, I am 41+ and often feeling it.

Of all the fish oils, massages, soaks, active recovery strategies I have tried, nothing beats good old stretching and mobility. Which is why I latched on to Kelly Starrett and everything he has to say. Kelly is the owner of CF San Francisco. He is also a physical therapist with a Doctorate. And from what I have seen an avid and strong crossfitter. Given his practical experience and background, I think he is about as good as it gets regarding mobility issues.

And yes, I arranged a business trip last year just so I could drop in on him and bith hit a wod and get a treatment. Both were rough.

Him:Does this hurt?
Me: Yes.
Him: Yeah, I bet it did.

So anyway, I stumbled across his new video blog. Starting last week he is posting quick tips and ideas for mobility and stretching. I highly recommend it. Today I tried his day 2 (or was it day 3) hip flexor stretch. It hurt, but afterwards, I felt great and had a real good workout. Anyway, I suggest you limp over to his site:

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