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Monday, June 14, 2010

Runs, Thrusters, Dips

When is the last time I did thrusters with 135#. That would be never. Why would I. They are horribly painful.

During warmups, I did the bar - fine, did 95# - ok, tried 115# - did not enjoy that, and then finally tried 135#. I did 2 reps. I had proven that I could do them, from there, it was just a question of how many in a row and how long would it take.

Answer = 36:33.

This ranks up there as a top 5 most painful CFOT workouts I have ever done. Jerrys birthday WOD is also in there, but this was worse. I have had very few workouts that I wanted to quit, very few that I wanted to lower the weight, and a few where I stopped and tried to throw up. Today was all three. On my 4th run I stopped at the mailbox and leaned on it. Thank god it was 95 degrees out and the box scalded my hands, cause otherwise I may have stayed there for a while.

Kevin Hare had an inspiring effort. In his last round he cranked 9 thrusters in a row with 135#. I had done 3 and was doing 3 at a time - with a lot of rest. He picked up the bar and just hammered through. Beat me by a minute. Nice job.

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