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Monday, June 07, 2010

Hang Cleans & Runs

After Fran on Friday I had a nice weekend away at the beach. You would think I would be well rested. But somehow all the swimming and sun have tired me out. I walked into CFOT at 1230 and wanted to turn around and go take a nap.

That said, I also want to take this Fran challenge seriously. And if I cannot surpass Kevin (who has a 4:01 PR Fran compared to my 6:24), then I sure as hell don't want anyone behind me to overtake me. So I have work to do. A lot of work to do.

Today though I was happy to power through 7 rounds of 7 hang cleans (155#) and then 200m runs in 15:42. Not the fastest time, not the heaviest weight, but an OK effort. My grip is still hampered by my broken pinky. So I dropped after each rep and started fresh. Trying to control the bar on the way down hurt more than the lift itself for me.

Tried a few reps at 175 afterwords and they felt good.

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