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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Run, Pullup , Sledge


Soni got in my head telling me how he mis-counted the rep scheme this am. And sure I enough I messed up too.

Even worse, I did extra!

Instead of going up and down a symmetrical ladder – I went ahead and ran the 800m twice. But lets be honest -3rd St. and back is no 800m. By the time I realized that I was running all by my lonesome, it was too late. So I did:

10, 10,400m
15, 15, 600m
20, 20, 800m
20, 20m 800m (should have been 600m)
15, 15, 600m (should have been 400m)
10, 10 done

33:28 including the extra 400m that I ran.

Oh yeah, I also threw up a little - on round 1 no less. That is what a hot day and a week of vacation does to me. My mind is always ready to push it, but my body needs some easing back into CF.

Side note 2 - after my first day back from vacation - which was a seemingly harmless OHS day and a 10 minute circuit - I fell asleep at 8:30 pm - or about 4 hours earlier than usual.

Vacation is easy. Crossfit is tough.

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