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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

pullup, jump, sit up run

Is this the first wod that was easier than it looked on paper. I thought for sure I was looking at another 30+ minutes. But I finished 24:40.

100 of each (in a row) and then the 1 mile loop.

100 pullups were easier and quicker than I expected. Took 5:25. I was think I did 5 sets of 10, then 5s and then 3s at the end. Not much pausing.

Box Jumps were ok but took longer. Nicked my finger on the box with my crazy arm swing. On jump #2! Kept going, but it was nasty and a bleeder. Had to pause to bandage. Cost me a good minute. So I was rested to power through those.

Sit ups were my hardest part. Tightness in my lower back. I need some reverse hyper action.

1 mile loop. I am not a good runner. Jack "Flash" Britton caught me early and I sent him on his way. He beat me by a solid minute. Good news, no one else caught me. I saw Gar when I finished the switchback. With 6 blocks to go, I figured he would catch me. Never came though. But I needed that push to help my pace on the end.

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