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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fight Gone Bad

Last fall we led up to FGB with weeks and weeks of interval days, station workouts and other specific FGB prep. Yesterday Jerry innocently dropped a note that 6.11.10's WOD was FGB. That seemed a little unfair to me, as I was not expecting that at all.

I know last fall I had this insane notion in my head that I could get 300 reps. Game day was a painful 222.

Today, I was not sure what I would get, but assumed a 5 or 10% increase, and in fact I improved 6% to 235 reps.

Also of note, I learned my lesson and did not start out of the gate too crazy. My second and third rounds dropped off only 8 and 7%. So I was consistent. Without a doubt, I excel at more moderate intensity longer efforts. These all-out intervals completely gas me.

Plus, without throwing anyone else under the bus, I am really trying to focus on perfect form and full range of motion. I don't really care what my score is. I know that if I keep working as hard as I can and do the form to full range, then I am getting the max benefit. I saw some half ass push presses. Other than some extra points, I am not sure what good that does you. Sour grapes, cause others did better than me, but a little bit of the hard truth too.

Shout out to Erin Fisk. After FGB she led an 800m run that was just the right pace. Saw her working pullups too. She is determined as hell to get better, and I respect that.

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