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Friday, December 04, 2009

First Friday - Dec

Other than the Hopper this is my first time doing more than one named WOD in a day. Chose Grace and Helen.

Grace - It is only a mere 2 days after surviving Jerry's Birthday Power Clean massacre - 86 reps of 165# spread out over 43 minutes. My shoulders were still sore. But compared to the 165# on Wed, Grace at 135# felt pretty good. I strung together 15 or so without a pause. Then a short break - 5 seconds count - and back on. One more short 5 second count and I finished one at a time. Pretty happy with my time, although I see it was a mere 1 second faster than August. I forgot about that one. 2 times ago I did 5 and half minutes. Next time I will be fresh and ready to finish strong. Serious lung pain after this one.

Helen - 30 minute break and then Helen. Paced myself to 13:09. Only 30 seconds off my best. Got all 21 KB swings in round 1. Major accomplishment for me. I do not like them and I am intimidated by them. But today was a step in the right direction. Next time - 2 rounds unbroken!

Off to work and feeling major league horrible.

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