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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DL, Lunge and Run

Today's WOD:

15 deadlifts @ 225#, 45 jumping lunges, 400m run
12 deadlifts @ 225#, 36 jumping lunges, 400m run
9 deadlifts @ 225#, 27 jumping lunges, 400m run

Time 15:02

Chriss suggested I scale back to 225# and I did. I was able to keep moving with barely a break. 15 minutes was OK, but how did people do it in 11 or 12? I am a slower runner, but I only took a few breaks on the lunges and very few on the DL. So I cannot imagine shaving 2 or 3 minutes off my time.

Pretty nice little workout. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

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