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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Deadlift failure

Todays WOD
6 rounds of
3 deadlifts - elite 315#
8 strict chins
8 strict dips
15 GHD situps

For the second day in a row I failed on a power movement. Yesterday I failed to PR on front squats. Tried as hard as I could, and got stuck. Today, after 4 complete rounds at elite weight, my back started to round on these very heavy deadlifts, and I chose to back off.

But if nothing else, once again, I taxed my body farther than it could go. I am hoping to gain some strength for my efforts. Failed, or failing attempts are still attempts and the fact that I am doing met con sets of deadlifts with essentially twice my weight is pretty good.

I was feeling bad - because I hate to fail, scale, dnf, or modify. But I definitely gave it my all. So I am going to shake it off and come back tomorrow for some more.

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