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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First day back after more than a week away. When I saw the WOD on FB, I groaned. All the excitement I had to return faded, because, if I were to make a list of CF exercises that I need work on: double unders, rowing, and touch-and-go heavy deadlifts would all make the cut. And today we had all 3:


For Time: Row 2000m
(8:31 - which was not great but still a PR for me)



10 Deadlifts (250-lbs.)
50 Double Unders
8:47 & I suspect that I could have gone Rx at 275# and would have been still under 9.

I did not have it today. I kind of held back to start for fear of over doing it, and then I had nothing much in the tank. One highlight - because I am one optimistic SOB - round 1 of the DL was a breeze and I got all 10 touch and go. Looked at the clock and it said 22 seconds, and I was first done. Then my poor D/U's caught me and I did 3, 5 or maybe 10 at a clip. That takes a long time. And so it went.

Tomorrow I am bringing it. Look for a better attitude, effort and result.

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