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Monday, December 07, 2009

CFOT vs. Sport & Flex

This is not a contest, but just an interesting observation. Because I still have more money than sense, I have not quit my membership at sport & flex. I believe that since I joined Crossfit in Feb, I have been there 5 times (i.e. Sundays, missed a workout at CFOT, my hot water heater broke, etc. ) Which means that each visit cost me a cool $100. I need to quit that joint.

Anyway, stopping in there once every other month is interesting. Because I forget what was like before CFOT. I saw some familiar faces, and frankly, they did not look so good. I saw a guy that got there when I did; he hopped on a stairmaster for 30 min and then he left. He is short and stocky like me, but believe me, when you are short and not in good shape, it shows quickly. This dude clearly has been diligently showing up to exercise all the time, but he had achieved negative results. Looked old, slow and heavy. It is like he was Bizarro MarkyD. Maybe I am a fitness snob now, but I wanted to slap him across the face and talk some sense into him.

My best guess is that he shows up, has no guidance, and does a combination of what he feels like and what he reads in a magazine. It ain't working. In contrast, I show up at CFOT, do what I am told to do (usually stuff that I am not great at, and would never choose to do on my own) and have coaches watching me to see that I am both safe and pushing it to the extreme. Plus I am challenged almost non stop by others in class, the whiteboard, facebook, blogs, and the coaching staff to be better, stronger and faster all the time. I am guessing no one either working there or working out there could give a crap about this guy if he does level 6 or 7 for his 30 minutes on the stairmaster.

OK - rant over. But next time you are find yourself in a non CF facility, look around and count your blessings.

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  1. I feel the same way, what was once percieved as a place of health and vitality seems stale and reeks of apathy.