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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Clean, Jerk and DT

I taken to doing the full Rx workouts again, despite the lingering foot swelling and pain. Clearly it can hold up so long as I can take it. And the theory is that each day it will get a little better.

But I have to retrain myself a little. Part 1 of the wod was max clean and jerk. While my cleans were good, I was not getting under the bar for the jerks. Mentally, I am not ready for the split jerk again, but there is no reason that I should be doing push presses. Bottom line, is that I cleaned 195# easily - which was comforting - but I had a crappy attempt to get it overhead and did not lock it out.

DT - I went Rx - which starts off tough and becomes very tough. The cleans really get me. Especially getting the bar from the shoulders back down. My grip strength failed and I could not get to many reps in a row. At 15 minutes I had 4 rounds in plus the deadlifts and felt that was a good place to end. Looking back I should have finished, but I was mentally done.

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