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Friday, August 12, 2011

Life As Rx

It has been 30 days since my surgery and today is the very first day that I was able to do the CFOT WOD as Rx'ed. I am still waiting to visit the Dr on Thurs to see if I am cleared to run, jump and lift with any explosive jumping. My foot feels better than before surgery already. No pain at all. It is still swollen a bit, and the range of motion is limited - and yes the incision from surgery is still one nasty gash. But things are looking up.

WOD - 8/12/11:
reverse ladder
10-1 ring dips
1-10 deadlifts - 225#
Time 11:17.

Frankly, I got tired pretty fast and I have a hard time doing deadlifts when I am tired. I was also afraid for my toe and did a lot of single reps. But the few touch and go's that I did, felt ok. Ring Dips felt very good.

I cannot do Whitten tomorrow. To many runs and jumps. But I will be back.

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