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Thursday, August 18, 2011

HSPU Fun and a metcon

A little weight vested/depth handstand pushup progression here:

The bottom- Shoulders resting on the plates, head off the ground. Wearing a 20# vest.

Start pushing like crazy.

And pushing:

Then lock out at the top. Try to get into a hollow body position with your weight in a perfectly straight line from top to bottom - no arch in your back. I am better at this than I used to be. My back used to be bowed which is easier/less range of motion but not as safe for the ol' spine.

... and repeat 9 more times on the minute.

This was fun. I did singles and worked up to 4, 45# plates + 2 15# plates on each side - and wore a weight vest. There was no point in stacking it higher, because my shoulders were on the plates and my head was off the ground.

Then a little metcon 20 minute - 5.5 rounds of kb swings, steup ups, ab mats and airsquats.

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