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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clean & Jerk

Frankly I am still not sure if I should have done this wod. My own doctor has me coming back in for an appointment in 2 weeks. That would be 8 weeks after surgery. But initially he had told me 6 weeks would be a good time to resume normal activities. And to a crossfitter - cleaning and jerking heavy weight is a normal activity.

So 44 days after my operation - I did.

I went in with the idea to work on form and go light. Add weight only if the prior lift felt good and without any struggle. I also really did not want to split jerk yet, so instead I did a combination of push jerk and push press. But of course, I have never in my life lifted something to my shoulders that I could not lock out overhead. So while I was not working on form, I was still safe.

I started light - 95# clean and jerk. First one in over 6 weeks. And then Pete H and I added weight. And we added and added and added. When we got to 185, it still felt easy. No misses, not even close. I decided to do 1 more lift with an even 200#. It had a nice ring to it. And it went fine. Too easy if you ask me.

I have lifted 200# a handful of times and missed it plenty as well. I think 205# is my PR. Not for long.

A day later, my toe is a little more swollen, but otherwise fine.

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