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Monday, July 26, 2010

OH Squats, GHD, 400m Run

My mind was so free after finishing the Fran Challenge. What a weight off my shoulders. Sure I am sore, but I feel better just being done.

Or at least I did. After 1 single round of OH squats, my legs failed me. "You want us to OH squat, and then run - hahahahaha" They actually said that. Round 2 was terrible, and then I took off some weight. I actually considered taking off more weight each round until I had a bamboo stick over my head.

So there you go.

Sunday - Fran challenge winner. Monday - puppy dog weight and very slow time.

p.s. Dwight was asking me for diet advice. Win a Fran Challenge and be on a nutrition panel and people start to look up to you. But I am certain that Dwight is in better shape than I am and has lower body fat. But my advice for him is like my advice for everyone. 5 simple things. 1. Keep showing up at CFOT and doing what is on the board. 2. Do a little extra to improve. 3. Get enough sleep. 4. Cut out the crap in your diet. 5. Roll out, pre-hab and rehab what hurts.

I bet those simple steps get you very far. Then tailor the rest as needed cause everyone is different.

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