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Sunday, July 04, 2010

First Friday

I am rule breaker. I did not feel like doing any of the hero workouts. I was having a bad week at work and was distracted. Exhausting myself with fran or the like was not what I felt like.

But earlier in the week we did clean and jerks. The highest suggested weight was 155, but I did 135. Right away I felt guilty. So for FF, I was going to do heavy ones until I was beat again.

In the past I had once cleaned 201, and once jerked 210. But not together. Both together is not the same as doing either. I think once before I was able to c/j 175.

Today I got 201. Form was not perfect. So really with more work, 210 or more is coming soon. I like that. My goal for the year was 225 and I have 6 months. Did another 20 or so reps with 135. Form was better.

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