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Monday, January 28, 2013

Snatch, then a metcon

Although I cannot / do not squat snatch. Every time snatch comes up in a wod I try hard to improve my form, without much regard to the weight. An oddly enough, weights that used to scare me or feel really heavy no longer do. A 95# power snatch for 10 reps feels easy. 115# doable. And 135# for a few reps - not a problem. Compared to even last year when 135# was my 1 rep max - with a press out.

Today - Wod A. 10 minutes - 2 reps per minute from the hang. I started at 95 and worked to 120#. Felt good.

Wod B. 3 times through 10 reps each of 135# push press, burpee and 80# kbs. Went mostly unbroken. A little breathing on the burpees.

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