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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lucky 7s

First up, I warmed up and did my CFOTe wods. 1,500m row to warmup. Some stretching. Then:

750m row x3. Pace about 2:00. Rest/stretch about 3 minutes after each. I did not want to tire myself out too much, since I did this immediately prior to the regular wod. But I was definitely warmed up after these intervals.

Wod 1 - 7 min amrap of 10 box jumps (24") and 5 hspu. I did 7 rounds plus 4 reps. Scaled from 30" box to 24"as I still fear jumping down and what it will do to my knee. So stepping down limits me to about a 24"box. This wod felt good. I did not get too tired.

Rest 7 min

Wod 2 - 10 kbs with 53# ( subbed for 75# thrusters, again out of knee cation) and 5 toes to bar. 6 rounds even. I did tire at the end of this and only got 2 rounds in the final 3 minutes, after being on a 1 round per minute pace.

I feel like my knee limits almost any wod I do. But the reality is I have no ACL and severe swelling and arthritis in my right knee. Squatting bothers it. And my doc told me not to. So for once, I am taking his advice. Likely looking at surgery in a few months to see if they can remove some floating loose bodies in my knee and reduce some of the swelling. Wish I could do everything, but I can't. Getting older is a slap in the face. Have to face up to some depressing realities some times. Have to push it when I can, which makes my 225# clean PR yesterday all that much sweeter.

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