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Friday, January 25, 2013

What's the point, anyway?

The point of a blog is that you can be a little more expressive than a 140 character tweet; more than a snappy FB post.

And the point of Crossfit is to be as fit as you can be. Fitter than you can get at a globo gym, fitter than having a personal trainer.

And the point of a Crossfit Blog? Everyone has a different slant.  Drywall is funny as well. . Outlaw mixes his O-lift slanted programming with insightful fitness babble. And me, who knows what I do.

And every Crossfitter has has a different reason for hitting the wods, and they can change over time.

So what am I doing sweating, bleeding, aching, limping around for. As I approach my 4 year anniversary of Crossfit, I thought it would be a good time to reflect.

When I first joined CF, I made huge strides very quickly. Lost over 30 pounds. Got stronger. Got a little faster, and learned a ton about mobility and nutrition. Then sometime into it, I either tore, or re-tore (sp?) my right ACL. And ever since, my knee has been a swollen mess with severely limited mobility.  Two cortisone shots later squatting below parallel is kind of out of the question.

But despite the fact that just about every Crossfit movement is based on a squat, I carry on. I know that my quality of life is better now and hopefullt for many years to come. Being strong has benefits in every day life. Being conditioned as well. And better nutrition and mobility hopefully will keep me lean and active for years, which is at this point - all I can hope for.

More rambling later.

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