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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A 225# Power Clean is a pretty big bench mark. Kind of like back in the days of "whatta ya' bench". Anything less than 225# was not big league.

So after nearly 4 years of crossfitting, and after a year plus of being stuck somewhere between 215# and 220# - today was my day. Subbing out 1 rep of Power Cleans (Missed from yesterday's wod) for today's back squats (which I cannot do anymore) I worked 95/135/155/175/195/205/215 3 misses at 225 and then finally 225#.

Despite the misses, I felt strong and the lifts were pretty easy. The final lift landed comfortably on my shoulders without me anywhere near a full squat. So obviously no that I am past this mental hurdle, bigger #s are on the way.

#2013 is a new year.

p.s. 15 sets of 5 unbroken ctb pullups. A struggle to finish at 11:19. After 10 sets, I was losing power and it got real tough.

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