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Thursday, July 07, 2011

hspu work and a metcon

Did my first ever muscle up to ring hand stand push-up. Laurie Wasko saw it, so you can ask her how it went. The dismount was terrifying. So one was enough. Increasing plates for hands on remaining hspu. My shoulders were resting on the plates. Wod 2 – 11:37 subbed ghd for boxes.


Gymnastic Strength

1-3 Challenging HSPU every minute x 10 min

Attempt to stay at a challenging level (or make it tougher) the whole time. I’d rather you move from 3reps to 1 rep in the wod and stay at a challenging level then stay at 3 reps for all 10 rounds by making the level easier. Record level and total reps.


5 rounds: 12 KB Swing (53lbW, 70lb M), 12 Dip (9 women), 12 box jumps (24″w, 30″m) Regional standards, must stand fully on box.

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