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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Open!

The 2013 Crossit Open is upon us. In 24 hours or so we will know whether we get to do another 7 minutes of burpees, wall walks, or 30 muscle ups for time. Let the bitching begin.....

All I know is that from Jan 1 - now (about 9 weeks) I have kicked it into gear and my Crossfit results have never been better. Despite one seriously bum knee, I have had PRs in deadlift x 1, deadlift x 3, clean, snatch, muscle ups, double unders, you name it. And even my metcons seem better. Or at least not as bad as they recently were. One of only 3(?) teams to finish the wod in under 20 minutes last Sat, which is just one example of how I have been able to push through a little more than before.

I thank Jerry Hill, Melissa Lopes, Kelly Fox and Grace Chung for the coaching and motivation. I am grateful to the Lunch Bunch and the entire CFOT community for tolerating me and encouraging me.

And Mike Hart. Having him at lunch bunch a few times a week is exceedingly inspirational. If he is not quitting, then there is no quitting.

So no matter how well I do in the Open, I feel good. I have put in work, and had good results. How good, remains to be seen.

3,2,1.... Go

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