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Monday, June 11, 2012

Who am I better than, anyway?

Yes it has been a while since my last post here. 7 months. I doubt anyone is even reading this. It has been a long, tough grind at work, and a tough road on the injury front. Toe surgery and the discovery of a long ago torn ACL. So in short, my Crossfit performance and dedication has taken a hit. I have come to embrace the hard truth of my limitations. So why bother? I wonder about that sometimes. 

Am I ever going to be the best Crossfitter on earth, in the region, in my box, in my age bracket - No, I'm not. So what is the point then? After much thinking on the matter, and a couple of drinks - I think I have the answer; or at least an answer. 

I am a better Crossfitter than me not doing Crossfit. WTF does that mean, right? Well, it means that the efforts I put into a better diet, hard workouts, etc make me better mentally, physically and spiritually. Tackling these tough workouts and solving my own personal obesity situation, give me the confidence to do just about anything. And I have shifted my focus from preparing for and reliving the workouts, to simply enjoying them as I do them. I am not going be any sort of champ with this attitude, and that suits me just fine. 

If it lasts, I don't know, but of late I have had hardly a care in the world. I am happy with my family, my friends, my work and what I do day to day. I am more able than ever to enjoy the situations that I find myself in. It can't all be due to Crossfit, but maybe it can be. 

There is no point to all of this, other than me wanting to capture the feeling that I am enjoying. And enjoying it, I am.